The technological advancements have led the world to move at the touch of our fingers, and so, we want to achieve everything instantly. This desire has given birth to some amazing, instant and impressive remedies especially in the field of marketing which have helped in achieving results with a bang.

Pay Per Click – PPC is one of those remedies that help you boost your business by creating buzz on a much larger scale. It’s a one-to-one communication between you and your customers through impressions which happen to take place there and then. PPC helps you reach masses swiftly, helps in reading your customers’ minds as quickly as possible and lets you make decisions which keep your audience in the loop forever. But all of this requires expertise which is possessed by none other than, DigiMines, which is an epitome of what you call professional digital marketers. DigiMines’ Pay per Click – PPC campaigns is designed and tailored to your needs and the latest market trends. We provide services that are inclusive of all paid and unpaid mediums of marketing such as Paid Search Ads, Display Ads, Social Advertising, etc. which deliver results to help you achieve your targets. Our idea is to never let go of your customers and make sure they keep coming back to you again and again. Along with that, we manage your finances perfectly to make sure that your money is well spent and is generating the desired promising return on investments without hiking your budgets.


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Pay Per Click Mini-Campaigns

Comprehensive approach including adetailed overview of our clients’ nature of businesses and their targets which they aspire to achieve through this campaign, and according to that, a list of recommended activities as per their needs.

Ad Creation

Eye-catching ads are our usual target to help you reaching and attracting people as much as you can. Our prime approach is to create ads that enhance the interest level of user in the first sight.

Keyword Research

We implement up font keyword research techniques to make you appear on the right searches. Also, we monitor its performance closely to facilitate you more and more.

Landing Pages

People clicking through from your PPC would be landing at your website, etc. through different landing pages created by us to fulfil multiple purposes for which your site was create

Remarketing Campaign

Revisiting and reconnecting your previous visitors who have shown interest in you would be a plus for your business. And thus, our campaigns would focus on increasing returns on ads spend which will ultimately increase your sales and leads

Split Testing

We’ll conduct comparison tests to analyze the performance of different ads used in thecampaign and how effective each of it was this will allow us to help you further by enhancing our strategies.

Our Reporting Methods

We make sure that we let you keep an eye on whatever we are doing for your business and its results. And this is how we do it…


We want you check Google Analytic’s reports from time to time to get an overview of how things are going.


Our monthly detailed reports will help you more in analyzing your performance of how well your time is spent on your PPC campaign


You can contact us to get in touch with you OOC specialist to discuss anything you want regarding your PPC campaign or its strategies or in order to get your queries entertained.

Detailed Reporting to prove Returns on Investment

We use exceptional data tracking tools like those built on Google Adwords, Bing Ads and other Pay Per Click Services which help us keep an eye on our performance time to time. This way we are able to generate reports consisting of the most important information. The reports we generate would be user friendly and easy to read, so whether you are technical or non-technical with Pay Per Click Management you will be able to understand the outcomes and the overall progress of the project with our reporting methods.


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